Beneath the Albion Sky

‘We’re looking at the same stars but not in the same way.’

One morning not very long ago, Paul woke up, packed his bags and, leaving behind his partner and his job, caught a train to Penzance. From there, armed only with a map found in his father’s belongings, he began to walk St Michael’s Ley Line. Following the path of the sun from St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall to the coast of Suffolk, he has been bewitched in Dartmoor, danced with Boudicca and, if we believe him, fought a dragon (or two). Now Paul’s here to tell you the story.

Mixing travelogue with historical fact (and fantasy) Beneath the Albion Sky is a walking story about our relationship with England’s past, the landscape around us and the things our bodies and imaginations do to cope with loss.

Beneath the Albion Sky toured from 2013 onwards, visiting a variety of traditional arts venues including Cheltenham Everyman, The Yard and the Bike Shed Theatre, and non-traditional venues including Outpost Festival in Plymouth and, with Villages in Action, halls, community centres and even a church in Devon. It’s final outing was to be one of the last shows at the Bike Shed Theatre in 2018 before the venue closed down.

Winner: Wildfire Critics’ Choice Award, Ignite Festival 2013

“Andy Kelly dominates the space…Corinne Furness and Charlie Whitworth have produced a well-structured, imaginative script…Everything comes together to create a piece which is rich and original.” Wildfire.

“Cannot recommend Beneath the Albion Sky strongly enough – cracking writing, heart-breaking performance” David Lockwood, Artistic Director Bike Shed Theatre.

Written by: Corinne Furness and Charlie Whitworth
Directed by: Charlie Whitworth
Performed by: Andy Kelly
Developed with: Andy Kelly, Myles Nicol and Luciano Dodero

Beneath the Albion Sky has received support for development and touring from Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts, The Yard, The Albany, The Wardrobe, BAC and Latitude Festival.