Joseph Mills Presents…Reasons For Listing: 16 Facts and One Story About Things That Make Me Happy

Joseph’s here to tell you a story.

It’s a story about the internet, and living on your own for the first time, and taking photos, and Mums, and a friend named Penny who is an internet-friend and not a friend-friend, and having a favourite seat in the library, and Arsenal mugs, and Albert Einstein, and lists. A lot of lists.

Joseph’s also here to ask: ‘what makes you happy?’

With a little help from everyone who has contributed to The List of Things That Make Us Happy we present Joseph’s story of growing up, being different and the things that make us happy.

what makes you happy from Write By Numbers on Vimeo.

To contribute something that makes you happy to our list (or to see what other people have submitted) go here.

Reasons For Listing has been performed in shops, markets, libraries, day centres and even theatre auditoriums. In addition to the 30 minute performance we can provide a one hour workshop tailored to your group. Currently we offer workshops for Reasons For Listing on: happiness, autism and unseen disability as well as ones exploring the theatrical techniques and ethics of the piece.  If you would like to know more about Reasons For Listing or the accompanying workshops please contact Estelle at

Text: Corinne Furness.
Director: Estelle Buckridge.
Dramaturg: Charlie Whitworth.
Joseph Mills: Andy Kelly, Olly Hawes (workshop)