What we do

Eager Spark makes inclusive, imaginative theatre about the things that excite, scare, or intrigue us.

We make plays, tell stories, run workshops, create events, and start conversations. We want to engage with people whether they consider themselves to be theatre-goers or not, so you’re as likely to meet us in a library, a community centre, an empty shop or a village hall as you are a theatre auditorium. We collaborate with artists of all kinds – including those who don’t think themselves artists – and we’re committed to making theatre as affordable and accessible as possible.

We don’t have one way of making theatre, and not everything we make necessarily looks like “a play”. We think our work is linked by honesty, empathy, rigorous research, and the love of a cracking story. 

We are based in Exeter, and we’re particularly committed to making work in and around the South West of England.

We originally formed in 2009 under the name Write By Numbers; as our work developed we started to re-imagine what we wanted to do as we moved towards our second decade together. We relaunched in March 2018.

We are Eager Spark and we look forward to meeting you.